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News and Reviews

Some Quotes from our customers


"My favorite Hero moment is when I was driving to work, realized my coat had a tear, and was super sad that I was going to have to figure out how to fix it amidst my busy life. During a meeting, it dawned on me to contact Hero to help! Within 10 minutes of reaching out to Hero on my 30 minute work break, Ray picked up my coat from work, and dropped it off in downtown Seattle for a repair...How great is that?!"

Kara, Wedgewood



"The team at Hero are the best neighbors you could ever have!  I have used them for household help, prescription pick-up, errands like Goodwill runs, package mailing, and they even hung my Christmas lights and wrapped my Christmas gifts! Every single person from Hero has been professional, kind and incredibly service-oriented.  Their pricing per task is very accessible and they go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied.  I have been waiting more than a decade for someone to fill that role between my own to do list and hard to schedule expensive professional contractors. Hero owns that space now and I can't imagine my task list getting done without them!"

Susan, Seattle



"Between a job, 3 kids, and the rest of life to manage, I often need an extra hand.  But I don't always know when I'll need it and what for - that is one of the things I love about Hero - you can hire extra help and have it within a moment's notice - the best!"

Emily, Maple Leaf



"Hero is a life saver! They have demolished my to-do list, organized my chaos, and taken away my stress. Best of all, they have given me the gift of time to be with those I love. Thank you Hero!"

Hillary, Central District



“I am in LOVE with Hero!  My daughter-in-law Hillary turned me on to Hero and I have already convinced two of my friends to download the app. I will be calling you again soon. Thanks so much. Our Helper Gary was very personable and very fast.”

Linda, Crown Hill



“I was stressed because I was having friends over that night, but I got stuck in traffic after work. I used the app to get groceries delivered and scheduled someone to clean my kitchen. All this happened in a matter of an hour and a half. It’s such a convenient service to have.”

Brian, Capitol Hill



“We can't speak highly enough of our experience of Hero. The helpers have been punctual, assertive, trustworthy, and efficient. The services have taken a load off of us to spend quality time as a family.”

Steph and Matt, Northgate



"During the holidays we made a deal with our 3-year-old son to get him to sleep through the night.  He came through on his end. His request? Going bowling on Christmas Eve. We knew there was no way we would be able to honor his request and be ready for our 10-person Christmas Eve dinner. So we called on Hero to help out. They freshened up our bathrooms, tidied up our kitchen and family room, went grocery shopping, made fresh salsa, prepped the guacamole, and marinated the carne asada while we were all out of the house at the bowling alley.  They even got us a piñata and as a special request, a specific kind of candy cane. When our guests left late that evening and we had successfully rewarded our 3-year-old with family bowling, performed in the pageant, and hosted 10 for dinner….we were sold on Hero!"

Julie, Seattle






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